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Reasons for National Sickie Day revealed: we're at a job interview

Ricky Martin, boss of Hyper Recruitment Solutions (HRS) and winner of the 2012 Apprentice has found that the first Monday in February – so called National Sickie Day because an estimated 350,000 are absent from work – is also the most popular day in the year to attend a job interview. The demand is so high that HRS has had to recruit temporary staff to man phone lines for potential candidates wanting to change career.

Data from HRS, which looked through its records from the past three years, revealed:

Recent years have seen the first Monday in February the most popular day in the year for interviews

February 2nd is set to see an 80% interview increase for HRS year on year

This February 2nd will be a record-breaking day for HRS, with over 25% of the months interviews lined up for candidates taking place on this one day

The entire first week in February remains busy with 18% more interviews taking place than any other week in the year

Friday 13th, the day before Valentine's day, is set to be 'break-up Friday', the most popular day for staff to hand in their notice in their current jobs

Martin, whose firm specialises in placing candidates in science jobs said, "It's hard to know exactly why February 2nd is so popular. A lot of candidates tend to think about their future over Christmas, spend January considering their next move and then start interviewing in February."

“Legally, employees are entitled to take time off legitimately to go for an interview – but in reality most keep it secret from their current employer. "

However, Martin says 'pulling a sickie' is ill-advised, "I wouldn't recommend taking a sickie to go to a job interview – we would always advise our candidates to take the day off if attending an interview as they may be in breach of their employment contract otherwise. However, the data does seem to suggest that a lot of people use the day to look for their next job – it's a trend that’s developed over the past few years and we don’t see any sign of it abating."


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