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Sweden releases staffing agencies report

It is possible to discern a slight rise in the expected demand for the staffing industry, but as a whole, the economic line straight. If you look in the mirror was a lack of demand, the main obstacle to doing business.

-With A looming increase in costs for the young in the business of nearly 1 billion, it is clear that one does not look to the future as positive, says Henrik B&aumlckstr&oumlm, Director Staffing Agencies. Both for young people and companies needed rather a reduction in employer costs for the hope of a bright future.

During the first quarter, expects 55 percent of the agencies increased demand. 43 per cent expect no change and 2 percent expect a decline in demand. The balance figures ends up at 53, which means that companies expect a slightly brighter note first quarter compared with the outcome last quarter of last year, when net figure stood at 29 percent. . It also means a slight increase from the relatively low level of demand that prevailed during most of 2014.

The recruitment industry must be utilised properly to get out of the current impasse in the labor market, says Henrik Backstrom. He adds, Instead of talking about the empty barn we should talk about the wet blanket that today's labor market policy forms.

Increased orders in industry

It is possible to discern a slight improvement on industrial new orders, which rose 4 percent third to the fourth quarter of 2014, which may partly explain the expectations of increased demand in the staffing industry in the first quarter of this year. The development of the industry has a major impact on the staffing industry since the professional field industry for over a quarter of the total industry turnover.

Q4 2014: Insufficient demand for primary obstacle

Insufficient demand is still considered the main obstacle to business growth. In the fourth quarter, 58 percent said this was the main obstacle which is a slight decrease compared to the second quarter, when 54 percent felt it was the main obstacle. This suggests a continued low demand scenario for agencies, despite expectations now available on certain increase in the first quarter.

If Staffing Indicator

NIER, KI, in its economic barometer asked 144 companies with services in job placement, recruitment and staffing (NACE 78) about their expectations for the next quarter.

CI also reports on the companies' responses on how the past quarter has been developed. The latest survey published KI 29 January 2015. The response rate is 69 percent.


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