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What candidates really want (vs. what theyre getting)

Questions were split into three categories, pertaining to what candidates want from recruiters, their job hunt and the interview process itself. The survey aimed to provide an honest insight into the needs of the UK’s job hunting population. Read on for some of the most revealing findings! 

When asked about their method of choice to begin a job search, 35% of candidates said they would initially look on a job board. This is almost double the number whose first port of call is to contact recruiters (18 %). Statistics show that by integrating the use of a job board into their recruitment repertoire, recruiters are more likely to find candidates earlier on in their job search. 

They’ve gone mobile, have you? 

The survey also found that majority of candidates like to have the option of searching and applying for jobs on the move. 55.5% of those polled use a job hunting mobile app or would consider doing so in the future. With today’s working population often time-poor, job hunting can be a productive way to spend those precious moments on a commute. It is no longer necessary to endure evenings and weekends hunched over a computer writing cover letters. 

In turn, recruiters can expect to receive a more even distribution of job applications throughout the day. To secure the best candidates for vacancies, recruiters need to get rid of ingrained habits and employ reactive tactics. 

Heavy resourcing is no longer the preserve of pre-9am. Data shows us that top candidates can appear at any time during the day. Don’t leave it to chance and only hit the job boards first thing in the morning – create alerts that actively inform you when that perfect candidate has uploaded their CV. 

Phone or f2f? 

CV-Library then asked respondents to comment on their relationships with recruiters. Data shows that most candidates prefer to conduct an initial meeting with a recruiter in person (46.5%). 30.8% would rather use the phone, 20.5% email, and a mere 2.1% would choose to video call a recruiter in the first instance. Consider how often you offer to meet candidates in person. With almost half of those polled insistent that face to face is the way forward, if you’re not offering this kind of service you – and your candidates – may not be getting the most from the relationship. It may take a little longer to qualify your latest contact, but the added value for both parties could be highly significant. 

In regards to maintaining relationships with recruiters, 52.7% of UK job seekers would prefer email contact, 43% to converse by phone, 3.8% text, and a minimal 0.6% by video call. With agencies often targeting consultants on phone time, the mere suggestion that they may have more luck corresponding via email might send recruitment managers across the country reeling in shock. Now, we’re not suggesting that email could ever replace the flow of human conversation, but you can’t ignore the data – the people have spoken and our research suggests that job seekers are more comfortable communicating by email than they are on the phone. 


So, what can be gained from this data? CV-Library suggests recruiters take this opportunity to get inside the collective head of their candidate base and question how they can make the relationship mutually easier and more efficient, whilst increasing its value for both parties. Visit CV-Library to find out how working with a top UK job board can enhance your candidate search. 


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