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56% of organisations do not currently employ ex-military staff

17% of companies have employed 1 or 2, 7% have employed 3 to 5, 4% have employed 6 to 10 but on a more positive note, 16% have employed more than 10. Although this 16% is extremely positive, the 56% is a huge figure and shows that more organisations could be doing their bit to help the campaign we are heading up. 

As well as looking at how many ex-military are being employed into companies, we asked several other questions. One investigated family relations who had served in the military of which 37% had had a family member serve at one time and another looked into if anyone knew “anyone” else who had served in the military and is currently looking for work. 46% responded saying YES they did! This stat shows that there are a lot of ex-military out there looking for a new career after returning from service. 

We want to help bridge this gap between the number of companies employing ex-military staff and those ex-military personnel looking to find a job/career. This is where comes in and we want to encourage companies to recruit ex-military into their roles by posting jobs on to the site and we want to match these to the ex-military jobseekers. Stuart Rea comments, “As an ex-military serviceman myself, I know how hard it is to settle back into civilian life. We are all very passionate here about making this work and helping in every way we can! We are pleading with companies out there to post their jobs.” 

theExMILITARYjob is the specialist job board ex-military personnel, part of The TipTopJob Group. For more information about the site, please visit the site or email us on sales@theExMILITARYjo


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