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Abigail Stevens named in Top 4 Best Connected Women in Recruitment on LinkedIn

Along with three other recruiters, Stevens was noted to be one of the most engaging women on the site.  Abigail Stevens is the Managing Director and Founder of international recruitment company, Think Global Recruitment.

LinkedIn is a crucial tool for recruiters so it was a massive achievement for her to be selected as one of the top connected recruiters.  Stevens has worked very hard over the last decade to build her connections and followers on the site, increasing awareness of her personal brand.

When asked for her advice on keeping an engaging LinkedIn profile, Stevens said, “Think about how you want to be perceived, your identity and make sure all social and other media represents this at all times.  The easiest way to do this is to think how all stakeholders clients, candidates, existing and potential team members and even their families would like you to look if they are going to trust you with their or their family members’ company development or career progression.  Make sure both your written and visual appearance portrays this.  Highlight your strengths and experience, don’t just presume people know what you do.  Sing about your achievements.  Try and be a little unique in this.  A tag line can be good to ensure people remember you.”

With over 9,500 connections worldwide, Stevens is keen to continue growing her online presence and is happy to connect with anyone who has an interest in accountancy, finance, recruitment or becoming an entrepreneur.  


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