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Antal is on the move

Last week the company completed a comprehensive induction programme for the new managing partners to expand its services within the FCMG, digital marketing, hospitality, oil & gas, manufacturing and logistics sectors. Being a niche specialist, the team at Antal carefully selected the partners who must have no less than 10 years of corporate experience & expertise within their chosen markets.

“I am delighted to have joined the Antal International Network. After 25 years’ experience in the Hospitality & Catering sectors I thought it was the right step.”- says Ernesto Santarelli, managing partner of Antal International Network. “Antal delivered a first class induction programme which was complimented with the support of other colleagues. I was pleasantly surprised by the friendliness and willingness to assist a new partner. I am looking forward to applying my knowledge and experience to deliver to the current portfolio and future clients, a first class service matching their requirements with the most suited candidates”.

Doug Bugie, the president of Antal International Network,“We’re very pleased to see such strong, balanced growth from West Africa to India. We’re on track to opening over 35 new offices and expect that pace will increase going into 2016. We’re particularly excited that the critical mass achieved in India led by our partner there, Joe Devasia is breaking past 40 offices putting Antal in a key leadership position in what is already an amazing growth opportunity”.

Tony Goodwin, Antal Group CEO & chairman,“Since Antal launched in 1993, our strategy has been to venture into new and difficult markets, and apply our unique array of systems, training and technology, plus dedication, hard work and spirit to break into market after market, and in many cases become the number one recruitment leader”.

“I'm pleased to say we haven't lost that spirit and drive for adventure as we continue to break into and develop momentum” says Bugie “This adds up to over 60K placements made on every stock exchange traded company, household brands and SME’s as well”.

“We just opened an office in West Africa whose managing partner comes from Coca-Cola, who insisted along the way he’d never heard of us. In seconds, we took him through our client history archive and proved Antal made over 670 placements in Africa in the past several years. Even today I marvel at the extent of Antal’s reach and impact in both developing and rapidly developing economies”, concluded Bugie.


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