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Global Randstad Award 2015 nominees in the running to become the most attractive employer worldwide

One of these companies will win the Global Randstad Award 2015 and can proudly claim to be the most attractive employer worldwide. The winner will be announced April 23rd, 2015 in Brussels.

The Randstad Award is the largest independent employer branding survey in the world, identifying the most attractive employers among thousands of companies. The survey captures the views of over 225,000 respondents (general public perception, aged 18-65) in 23 countries. This year marks the 15th anniversary of the Award.

Finding and retaining talent with critical skill sets to drive company success, is becoming increasingly difficult now that economies are recovering. Especially if you are a global company with varying talent needs in various geographies. The Randstad Award provides in-depth insights into the perceptions and drivers of choice of potential employees. Why do people prefer one company, or a specific industry sector, over another? What motivates them to stay with an employer or to start looking for new challenges?

The 150 largest companies in each of the 23 countries included in the survey, are contenders for the local Randstad Awards. The winner of the Global Randstad Award is elected from a list of the top 50 global companies based on a set of objective criteria:

- largest numbers of employees

- corporate/profit (public sector organizations are excluded)

- operating in at least 25 countries

- same company name in all countries

- min. 30% of employees outside the home country.

For in-depth information about the Randstad Award and the global top 50, go to



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