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How highly do contractors value recruitment agencies?

This is one of the areas that PayStream’s Contractor Insights Survey analysed, as it set out to explore how temporary workers feel about their current positions, as well as their future prospects.

This article looks in more detail at how contractors feel about recruiters so that agencies can assess how well they are performing in the eyes of their contractors.

Agency relationships

When asked what channels a contractor uses when looking for a new contract the recruitment agency came out on top with 75% of all contractors using a recruitment agency

Online jobs boards were next with 46% of contractors using them while 45% relied on contacts within their industry and 35% headed straight to a search engine.

So what is it that makes recruitment agencies such a popular channel for so many contractors?

Of the 1,600 temporary workers that PayStream surveyed, 73% viewed their past experiences with recruiters in a positive light, with the professional manner in which they were dealt with being highlighted by a significant number as a valued part of the service.

In addition, working with an agency delivering a seamless end to end process was also an aspect of the service they valued.

However, 27% of respondents to the survey highlighted areas were an agency could improve the service they provide.  Some of the common themes here included the feeling that their consultant did not communicate with them enough and also that they did not receive an adequate amount of support after the placement.

The majority of contractors reported that their dealings with recruiters had been efficient with 57% saying that it took them less than one month to find their role.

This did vary by sector with 17 per cent of construction contractors having to wait six months or more before securing their next position.

Digging a little deeper&hellip

It was not just the agency that PayStream asked contractors about, but also their relationships with the recruitment consultants.

The outcomes of this research highlighted that the majority of temporary staff believed it was 'very important' to have a close relationship with their personal contact at the agency.

Given this, PayStream wanted to dig a little deeper and find out what the top three qualities were that contractors looked for in a consultant.  The results of the survey showed that these were trust, efficiency and experience.

Even though contractors value a strong relationship with their consultant, when asked & lsquo;what would they do if their consultant was to leave’ 65% of contractors said they would be loyal to their agency.

However, 35% reported that even though they would stay with the agency, they would also register with another to widen their options and see what different consultants could potentially do for them.

This viewpoint appeared to be more typical of older workers, with those aged 65 and over more likely to value a long-term relationship with a recruiter. Contractors in all of the other age groups tended to position this in fifth place in terms of what they want from an agency.


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