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Jobboard Finder adds job board reviews

Now, both recruiters and job seekers can evaluate job boards they use or know about. “We believe this new feature puts the user experience at the heart of the process when choosing a job board. We actually took our inspiration from a well-known hotels website, where the user experience is the central point in the decision making process. ” says Fran&ccedilois de Boutray, CEO of Aktor Interactive.

It’s very simply to leave a review on Jobboard Finder. Users can first give an overall evaluation about the job board, and then evaluate it on different aspects like design, service, prices, etc&hellip Users have to select maximum 15 keywords from a list of adjectives or expression to describe their experience with the job board. They can also add a free text comment. Users are able to view and manage on their dashboard all their reviews. After a review has been submitted, anyone else who visits the same job board will be able to see it. 

“This new feature gives a new consideration for both recruiters and job seekers, since they can get the most relevant opinions. In this way, it helps them selecting the most suitable job board more easily and quickly. Also, we hope it will help job boards to improve themselves.” adds de Boutray.

Linked to this new feature, a contest will be organized from the 1st until the 31st of March. The best 20 reviewers (recruiters and jobseekers), in terms of quantity and quality, will each win a 20&euro Amazon gift card. 



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