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Morgan Hunt hire Raw Talent

The partnership has seen sales recruitment and training specialists raw Talent Academy help source a number of talented individuals across the UK for Morgan Hunt.

The audition day, held on the 25th March 2015 at the London Chamber of Commerce, allowed Morgan Hunt's senior management team to assess a number of candidates invited to the day after going through Raw Talent Academy's application process. Just the top 25 candidates were invited to the day after hundreds of job seekers had applied. The 25 were split into teams before undertaking recruitment and sales tasks that allowed them to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. After completing the tasks some candidates were sent home before the remaining candidates were interviewed individually.

The candidates experienced Raw Talent Academy's innovative process that ensures they are hired based on showcasing their ability as opposed to their CV or educational background. Prior to being invited to the audition day the candidates went through a lengthy process including an online application, telephone and face to face interview as well as FacePitch.



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