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New job site to feed demand for data skills

A new recruitment site has been launched to help data and analytics professionals search for their next career move.

Millions of new jobs are forecast worldwide over the next few years for those with skills in the booming sector.

The new site, at, is a jobs aggregator, pulling in opportunities from both employers and recruitment consultants around the globe and indexing them individually to help candidates find suitable jobs with a minimum of wasted time.

The 1potato site is the latest venture from a London-based company called MrWeb, which has been running a global job board for market research professionals since 1998, and also publishes the Daily Research News service.

MrWeb MD Nick Thomas comments, & lsquo;There’s a fair bit of overlap between the two areas, and the launch of 1potato is in part a response to persistent requests from MrWeb’s advertisers over the last ten years, for something specifically covering data and analytics. Growth in the area has obviously accelerated very rapidly since about 2012 with the meteoric rise of big data, but at present there’s not a lot resembling this service, here, in the US or elsewhere’.

The skills covered are defined by five types of potato - chips, roast, mash, new and jacket. For example, mash is for those with a focus on analysing unstructured data, and jacket for the less technical business types managing and marketing data agencies. Salaries range from Small Potatoes to Serious Wedge.

MrWeb’s audience is worldwide but with concentrations in the UK, US and Asia, and 1potato will target the same regions. For the moment, its c.700 listings are focused on the UK, but in the next few months the numbers will grow rapidly and the coverage will spread. Candidates can sign up for free, and register for emails of relevant job ads each evening or each week.



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