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Rise in employment places staff morale at the centre of competition over talent attraction and reten

Office space has become a key factor shaping this trend. According to research, the work environment is at par with salary when it comes to measuring employees’ job satisfaction.

Employees are looking for offices that are technologically-equipped with collaborative working areas and break-out spaces that encourage interaction and knowledge-sharing rather than rigid workspaces. Research shows that 41 per cent of employees prefer to have access to team space, while 32 per cent prefer breakout spaces rather than a conventional meeting room.

Despite the high rating for collaborative spaces and the positive effects that these have on staff retention and productivity, it is estimated that unproductive meetings cost businesses $37bn every year. Double-booked meeting rooms or “no-shows”, for instance, affect not only productivity, but also have a direct link to staff morale. Employees now face stiff competition over meeting room booking, leading them to  book rooms months in advance “just in case” and never actually using them, as well as “sharking” outside meeting rooms, waiting for them to become available. This causes frustration and has a negative impact on productivity and motivation. A survey commissioned by Condeco shows that typically around 20 per cent of meeting rooms booked out are not being used at any one time. This entails a real cost for businesses that see their space being used inefficiently and their staff unable to make the most of their potential.

Paul Statham, CEO of Condeco Software comments, “People are the lifeblood of any organisation and attracting and retaining talented professionals is a number one priority for companies that aspire to be competitive under stiff competition. In the 21st century office, booking the right space for the employee  and ensuring what is needed for each meeting, from catering to audio-visual and video-conferencing equipment can no longer be an arduous task”.

John Blackwell, managing director, Quora Consulting comments, “Our research has shown that work is increasingly resembling that of movie production teams – independent individuals with unique talents coming together to work on a project.  At the end, they all go their separate ways – they might work together again in the future – they might not.  This is placing ever-greater demands on effective space booking.  Organisations that fail to equip themselves with the strategic thinking and planning to address this challenge risk stagnation.” 


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