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Women really can concentrate for longer than men, according to Regus survey

This is according to new findings which have been released by the world’s largest flexible workspace provider, Regus. 

3000 professionals were asked how long they can productively focus in a distraction-free environment without a break. 1-2 hours was the most popular option amongst male respondents, with 41% citing this as their limit. By comparison, 37% of the women canvassed said they can concentrate for between 2-3 hours, making this the most selected answer amongst females.

Celia Donne, vice president for global operations at Regus comments, “Women often declare themselves to be more effective at multi-tasking, more organised and better able to focus than men. And although it’s amusing to see at least one of those stereotypes backed up by statistics, these findings do feed into a more serious conversation about the importance of a quiet, professional working environment for optimum productivity.

“As flexible working gains popularity, companies need to ensure that employees looking to function outside of the main office have access to a work space that is conducive to efficiency. Working at home can bring a multitude of distractions and interruptions. Similarly, using other popular alternative locations such as coffee shops will often find workers repeatedly disturbed.

“Our customers tell us that using a professional, flexible workspace minimises distractions and this translates directly into productivity gains. Having access to a global network of these workspaces means they can reap the benefits of working flexibly without compromising on output.”


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