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Young job seekers oblivious as to how to land a job

The survey, undertaken by Adecco, revealed that of those 16-24 year olds actively seeking work, they have on average applied for eleven jobs in the last 12 months but have only secured two interviews. Of that same group, one in ten haven’t secured a single interview. 

Nearly a third (30%) of those in full time education expect it to take them six months or more to secure a full-time job but this isn’t translating into action. With the looming pressure of completing their studies, many are not seeking opportunities to gain practical work experience whilst still at school which is setting them back even further when it comes to entering the jobs market following education. 

With over a quarter of 16-19 year olds in full-time education having never applied for a job, too many young people are leaving school with little knowledge of how to enter the workplace. Two-fifths (40%) of young people believe they are ill-equipped to get a full-time job purely because they lack practical experience. 

To help tackle this issue head on, Adecco has launched its annual Way to Work&trade initiative, aiming to increase young people’s confidence and knowledge on how to successfully secure their first job. 

On Thursday 26 March 2015, 500 recruitment consultants from Adecco took to local high streets, schools, colleges and universities across the UK to offer practical guidance to young people who are looking to improve their CV, brush up on their interview technique or learn more about the job application process.  

Alex Fleming, Managing Director of Adecco, said, “Our research shows that young people are not hitting the ground running when leaving school or university. Whilst they might feel confident in their studies, they do not feel they have the experience required to actually secure a job. It is clear there is a disconnect between the habits and views of young people and the current jobs market.

“At Adecco, we are committed to helping young people get off to the best possible start in their careers. We want to support them in thinking earlier about their options and provide them with the practical skills they need to succeed. Our Way to Work&trade initiative aims to equip young people with the basics, to encourage them and empower them to apply for more, relevant jobs earlier, and to enter the interview process with confidence”. 



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