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Fair Hiring Project launched

The Fair Hiring Project wants recruiters and HR departments to help people show their potential at interview, so that companies make better, broader choices when they hire.

How can the playing field be levelled? E-learning can make a huge difference for those who have inconsistent levels of support, sales skills and insider knowledge.

Crucially, these factors skew a candidate’s chance of success at interview, but don’t change their actual value in the job.

Business Model

A subscription service for corporate and recruiters, so they:

Enpower outstanding professionals

Engage candidates with a brand

Economise on repletion and suppliers

Fees get re-invested in content created with niche specialists, so the depth and diversity of advice continuously improves.


The Fair Hiring Project was devised by Olivier Vidal, a former City recruiter and elite level sports coach.

Vidal says, “As a recruiter, I’ve seen how support changes the odds of a candidate getting hired. But structurally it’s inconsistent and patchy, which exacerbates the disparity between the knowledge (or confidence) of the haves and have nots. I’ve set out to change the status quo with The Fair Hiring Project. Finding diversity experts that want women, returning parents, older workers, LGBQT, disabled, overseas-educated or ethnic minority candidates to get tailored advice built into the hiring process is the icing on the cake. Most tech innovations in HR are about market analysis and image-selling—I believe there’s space for something more human too.”


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