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Feature: The modern financial recruiter are your employees up to the job?

Today’s finance and accounting recruiters have a tough job. Gone are the days where they could put a half-decent CV on a client’s desk and expect success. Plenty has changed since those days and now it’s much more difficult to win over clients with just good “recruitment”.

Last year, the recruitment industry finally reached the highs it hit before the financial crisis — and is now worth around &pound28.7bn according to REC. The difference with the industry today is that businesses want more bang for their buck, so your finance recruiters need to demonstrate a much broader skill set than they did a decade ago.

The entrepreneurial finance recruiter

So what’s the main skill that the modern finance recruiter must have in their armoury?

Simple — entrepreneurialism. Indeed, good finance recruiters are already entrepreneurs in their own right responsible for their own P&Ls within their company.

Obviously, there are different levels of entrepreneurialism, and while recruiters don’t need to know how to start up a business, if they can demonstrate entrepreneurial instinct, they’ve already won half the battle. Clients want your recruiters to be able to think and act like them. They also want continual consultation to take them through a journey from scope to process, negotiation and close.

Entrepreneurialism is especially important when hiring someone at the top end of the business, which can be an emotional experience for a client. In an age when there are more stringent requirements, fewer hiring opportunities (employment levels have declined since 2007, according to Statista) and less budget, clients look not just for a good result, but a great experience.

Entrepreneurialism, obviously, doesn’t just have to apply to financial markets. The killer instinct in other industries makes for a good recruiter, but in the financial industry, being a “go-getter” is absolutely essential. You need to make sure your recruiters are up to the job.

In the last few years, I’ve noticed an increase in entrepreneurial ability in the few strong recruiters in the market. At fdu group, everyone wants to make a difference, whatever their role and we translate this into our client environments. The way we deal with clients has also changed to adapt to the modern marketplace. We’re joined at the hip with our clients throughout the whole process and are seeing the positive results that come from these collaborative relationships.


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