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Groupe CRIT announces Q1 revenue growth of 14.2%

Both France and international contributed to this strong growth. Abroad, (almost 25% of Q1 revenue), the group confirmed its dynamic with revenue growing almost 29% to &euro 102,2 million.

Staffing & recruitment division: 15.3% Q1 Staffing & recruitment division revenue (84% of total revenue), amounted to &euro 346 million (2), up more 15%.

France : organic growth above 10% French activities recorded organic growth up 10.1% to &euro 254,4 million in a slightly improving market. The Group continues to outperform its market and confirms its capacity to take full advantage of the economic improvement. International growth up 32.6% Staffing international operations grew strongly with revenue rising by 32,6% to &euro 91.7 million. US operations confirm a solid organic growth with revenue of &euro 63.5 million rising by almost 42% and up more 7% on a like-for-like perimeter basis and constant change.

Spain operations continue their growth momentum with Q1 revenue up 16.6% to &euro 17.6 million. Multi-services division: 9.1% Multi-services division had a good start with revenue up 9.1% at &euro 70.5 million. All activities contributed to this growth. In Airport services (72.5% of activity of the division), first-quarter revenue grew by 7.5% to &euro 51.1 million, boosted by the activity in France posting Q1 revenue of &euro 40.6 million up 8.5%

In view of this successful first quarter, the Group remains confident on its growth and results for the year 2015. (1) unaudited figures (2) excluding inter-segment eliminations



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