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Netherlands bank to give financial compensation who miss out on golden handshake

The news comes a day before parliament is due to debate the decision by ING to let go thousands of temps before the new rules come into effect on July 1.

Last week, the Volkskrant reported that companies are trying to get rid of their staffing agency workers in an effort to get around new rules. In particular, internal emails and documents from officials within ING Nederland show the bailed-out bank is trying to stop temporary staff being given a permanent contract, the paper said.

Social affairs minister Lodewijk Asscher, who drew up the new legislation, said the ING position, if true, was & lsquo;scandalous’. ING, in turn, said the minister’s information was faulty and the two later issued a joint statement in which ING said it fully embraced the new law.

The ING ruling will apply to people who have worked for two years for ING via staffing agencies and lose their jobs between January and July 1 2015. It will be administered via the staffing agencies, the ING statement said.


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