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Private investigator to recruitment consultancy CEO

Since 2005 there has been a slow but steady growth in online recruitment however, according to Richards, few on-line recruiters still have the experience and the know-how to successfully target and attract quality candidates as there services promise to do so.

Coming initially from a private investigator background Richards soon realised that her investigative skill set was perfectly aligned to that of a recruitment/headhunting career and so she embarked on what would be a seamless career transition.

10 years on and her experience and passion has driven her to start her own recruitment consultancy with the confidence that she can bring an entirely new way of thinking and working to recruitment and surpass most of her on-line recruitment competition in the process, as well as training other recruitment consultants in the methods and proven techniques that have mapped her success.

Some of the benefits of on-line recruitment include an unlimited candidate reach, a full agency service without extortionate fees, targeted candidate attraction, time saving management, thorough candidate screening amongst others. 


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