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Recruiters back Tory pledge for corporation tax cut

The 1% cut, down from 21% for companies with profit over 300,000, has been welcomed by the senior executives who say Conservative party economic policies show that “the UK is open for business”.

However, Labour leader Ed Miliband and shadow chancellor Ed Balls have vowed to reverse the cut if the Labour party come into power following the upcoming 7th May election. When the coalition took office it was 28 per cent.

The signees supporting the pledge by David Cameron’s and George Osborne to reduce tax for businesses, warn that a Labour government would “threaten jobs and deter investment”, stressing that a “change in course” would “put the recovery at risk”.

Dean Kelly commented, “I felt it necessary to add my support to the Conservative letter warning of the impending danger of a Labour led government, as I wholly believe that they are anti-business, especially under their present guise.

“The threat to jobs through over taxation, compliance, caps and other growth stifling measures, is immense. The odd thing for me, is it is a bit of a dichotomy for my business, as we are a predominately a public sector supplier.

“I have seen changes in our market place, education, that have started out with good intentions, but have gone on to cause friction and fractures through poor delivery. A Labour government would no doubt create more verticals for our business to supply too and ease some of these issues for schools, but only in the short term and probably as an appeasement for their backing.

“The real inverse of this for our market and every other market will be that over their administration they will bash business heavily, create a culture of claimants and idlers, removing our children's aspiration and destroying social mobility. Success will be derided on by those in power and tax receipts will diminish, which will ultimately lead to what we had before, broken Britain.

The UK must have a strong platform for business, an economy that can easily absorb its next generation, while also allowing them room to innovate and prosper. In my view we are the greatest country in the world with much to be proud of, we don’t won’t to go the way of the Roman Empire, with political instability, over-spending, over-reliance on cheap imported labour and then finally the rise of the East."

The letter comes just a day after official figures showed that the UK economy is growing faster than expected and that household disposable income in back to pre-2010 levels.


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