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Remedium Partners recognised by the Evening Standard for service to the NHS

As relative newcomers to the medical recruitment market, founders Philip Braham and David Green noticed a significant hole in the NHS budget where they were paying extortionate amounts of money for consultants, middle-grades and SHO level doctors on short-term contracts, rather than employing equally skilled foreign doctors on cheaper, long-term contracts.

The NHS budget and immigration are contentious issues in this year’s general election, and the Evening Standard highlights how Remedium Partners are working towards eliminating false beliefs in these areas.

“There’s a stigma attached to foreign doctors joining the NHS but people don’t realise the testing they have to go through,” said David Green, director and co-founder of the company. “People need to remember that these people are skilled workers in their home countries — they don’t get to where they are in the country and they are not given jobs in the NHS without being extremely well-qualified. They’re done an undue service too often.”

The duo say that they find doctors through referrals and word of mouth and point to countries such as Egypt and Croatia as being full of highly qualified candidates who would benefit the NHS. In their second year of business, they already work closely with a large number hospital trusts in the UK and Ireland, including those in Oxford, Basildon, Romford and Southend.


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