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Advocacy for members is an informed priority for 2015

He went on to say, “Advocacy, in its broadest sense, is not just about lobbying Government and regulators – which is the usual understanding. The CEO, Julie Mills has developed a model that goes to the grassroots of advocacy, with messaging for Members to Members and non - members, for contractors, for clients and, where necessary – even for individual consultants”

“Seventy-eight percent of respondents to the Member Satisfaction Survey 2014 ranked representation to Governments, clients, regulators, contractors and the public as their most important reason for belonging to the Association,” Fischer added, “including some strong positive feedback on ITCRA’s efforts, by Members, in locations where there have been significant issues such as Queensland and ACT and, to a lesser extent Victoria.”

Mills said, “The Executive Directors were also presented with the outcomes of the detailed and constructive state and territory Committee meetings conducted across the country just recently and the consistency of matters raised will certainly impact the Board’s agenda for the next twelve months.”

“What was pleasing,” Mills added, “was that in de-constructing the matters before the Executive from the states and territories it was possible to tick off a number of discussion items, as the resources are already in place to deliver on those requests and take the necessary messages to Government as well as the broader market.”

Fischer concurred, “This was indeed a plus in his view, and was testament to the foresight of the previous ITCRA Boards, who had supported the investment in key services and resources for Members, which make it so much easier for the current Directors to make our case on matters that impact our Members.”

In conclusion, Mills reported, “This has been the busiest start to a calendar year I can remember for some time.” The Executive Directors were in agreement and confirmed it isn’t just hype - the two benchmarks for activity: SkillsMatch and iSafe have unprecedented numbers coming through, as does Certification.

“Let’s hope it continues”


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