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APSCo calls for new government to protect vulnerable workers

"In terms of the labour market, we hope that this government will continue to balance the needs of business and the economy in general with the protection of potentially vulnerable workers.

"We will specifically be pushing for a new regulatory framework that differentiates highly paid, highly skilled professionals, putting them outside the regulation that has clearly been designed to protect vulnerable workers. Allied to this, we will pursue the appointment of a junior minister with a specific remit over flexible staffing – as per our manifesto.

"We will also welcome the continuation of the work undertaken in incentivising fair and transparent payment practices, and the removal of contractual barriers, which stop businesses from accessing affordable finance, with the aim of working towards tackling the highly-specific issues within the professional recruitment sector.

"We believe that government needs to move away from thinking about traditional permanent employment as the only valid form of engaging staff and should recognise and value the many different types of engagement being utilised in today’s market – and crucially, understand the various motivations driving these.

"It is also crucial that any labour market strategy acknowledges the major differences within the UK recruitment sector.  Access to highly skilled, professional talent, supplied in the main through business to business arrangements requires a different legislative programme, to that required for the attainment of low-paid, potentially vulnerable workers.

"We would urge the new Government to understand the desire of highly paid, knowledge based professionals to create portfolio careers and indeed protect UK plc’s capability to access the professional talent which is essential to its success.

"Obviously the results in Scotland have inexorably changed the political landscape north of the border and it remains to be seen what will happen in the Scottish elections next year. We will continue to engage with the SNP over the coming year to ensure that they have a clear understanding of the professional recruitment sector

"We firmly believe that our country’s global competitiveness is inexorably linked to the continued development and flexibility of its labour market.”


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