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Awareness of jobs policies mixed ahead of general election, says REC

The quiz has been advertised across political websites, social media, and within REC communications, and has attracted over 1,150 participants. The data shows: 

• Eight in ten participants correctly identified that Labour has pledged to raise National Minimum Wage to more than &pound8 an hour by October 2019. 

• More than six in ten participants correctly answered “Conservative” when asked which party has pledged to cap immigration levels to the “tens of thousands”, while 34 per cent thought this was a UKIP policy.

• Less than a quarter of participants correctly said that the Liberal Democrats would double the number of employers with apprentices, with 57 per cent attributing this pledge to the Conservatives and 19 per cent saying that this is a Labour policy.

• Almost four in ten participants failed to answer correctly when asked what proportion of the British people have worked as a contractor, freelancer or agency worker at some point in their career.

REC Director of Policy Tom Hadley says: 

“As the country goes to the polls it will be a momentous day for the UK labour market.  

“Employment has been one of the biggest issues of this election campaign with all parties proposing policies that would have an impact on the UK labour market. Our quiz has been a way of raising awareness about these important debates, and it’s been interesting to see the results.

“Labour’s pledge about raising National Minimum Wage seems to have gotten through, but on the other hand a lot of people couldn’t recognise the Lib Dem’s pledge to double the number of apprenticeships, and over a third of participants failed to distinguish between the Conservatives and UKIP on immigration. 

“It’s also interesting to note that, while 36 per cent of the UK workforce have worked as a temp worker at some point in their career, four in ten people that took the quiz thought that this type of work was much less common than it actually is. This suggests there is a way to go to make people aware of some of the realities of the UK jobs market, and to provide context for the debates around jobs that we see play out amongst politicians and in the media.

“The REC looks forward to working with the government to increase employment and progression within work.”  

The REC Question Time quiz is part of a wider campaign to encourage policy-makers to create the best jobs market in the world and is available on the REC website at and as a Facebook app.

See the video of the conference here.


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