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Jobvite comments on latest employment figures

Matt Singer, VP marketing, Jobvite, has offered a comment.

"Unemployment rates going down again is great news for both the employment market and the UK as a whole. In January to March 2015, joblessness has gone down to 5.5%. On top of this, the latest UK Labour statistics suggest that a thousand new jobs are being created everyday across the country on a daily basis. The news all points towards one thing: a shift from a job market favourable to employers, to an employee-centric one.

"With more jobs and opportunity, individuals are being freed to follow the employment path they desire. Keeping this in mind, it is vital recruitment and talent management professionals adapt their attraction and retention strategies. Most importantly, if companies are looking to stand out and attract the best and brightest candidates, then their hiring policies must become responsive, flexible and forward-looking.

"In the past decade we have seen a shift in how people interact online and this must be echoed by recruitment and talent management professionals. Through focusing on social and mobile campaigns, a huge range of potential candidates can be sourced and surveyed quickly and efficiently. This technique will ensure a business stays on the cutting edge by hiring and retaining the best the workforce has to offer. The job market has changed, just make sure your company keeps up or risk being left behind."


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