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Recruiting for the UKs top job which party leader matches up?

They have also mapped out the skills and experience of all seven main party leaders against the specification so that the public can determine who is most qualified for the role.

The skills and experience required by the Prime Minister are very similar to those needed by all job seekers – leadership, negotiation and teamwork, strong communication and effective time management.

Adecco Group UK & Ireland has profiled each party leader. What the personal career paths of these high profile candidates tell us is that there are many different routes to the top. For example, did you know that Miliband used to lecture in America? Or that Cameron spent seven years as Head of Communications for a media company?

As with any job opportunity, preparation is key, and with the role of Prime Minister being the most challenging in the country, Adecco Group UK & Ireland have produced some tips for the candidates on how to succeed in the polls:

1.       Always do your background research– every candidate should know and understand the key challenges facing your employer (the UK people)

2.       Preparation and practice is key– any candidate should anticipate difficult questions from their potential employer (the media has been facilitating this for the UK people in the run up to the election)

3.       First impressions count so dress to impress– dressing appropriately and being punctual is crucial for any interview. The same applies to all seven party leaders as they seek to gain extra voters and their teams are working hard to get this right.

4.       Think about where you can add value to a role –with polls still undecided, the electorate will be looking to see where each of the leaders can add value. For those who haven’t done the job before, highlighting how transferable skills gained in other professional and social ventures make them a worthy candidate, will be particularly important. 

Peter Searle, chief executive of Adecco Group UK & Ireland, said, “The UK public will go to the polls to appoint a Prime Minister on 7th May. We wanted to make this task a bit easier by creating a & lsquo;PM job spec’ and matching up the skills of the party leaders against it.

“Like any role that we would recruit for, the job of the Prime Minister requires the candidate to fulfill certain tasks and responsibilities. To be successful, the candidate needs to have the right skills, attitude and experience for the role. But as with any job opportunity, preparation is key and we hope the party leaders will benefit from our top tips on prepping for the & lsquo;big interview’.


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