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Something is profitable for recruiters in the state of Denmark

According to surveys seen by Mike Phillips, marketing director of ItsInternational, thousands of IT and electronic specialists are needed now in Denmark to carry out fixed-term assignments.  

Critically, the Danish government recently decided to make it easy for your Danish clients to use highly-skilled individuals, not only from inside the EU but also from non-EU countries - in particular from emerging economies such as the BRIC countries (namely Brazil, Russia, India and China).  ItsInternational can help facilitate that influx of talent from anywhere in the world. 

Can you deliver any of the following?

Skill sets:

• Steel and ventilation experts are needed in the construction industry.  

• The pharmaceutical and biotech sectors urgently require engineers.  

• There has been a dearth of electrical engineers for many years.  

• There is a long list of companies wanting converging technology experts especially in the fields of mobile and biotech – even integrating app-like software into hearing aids.  

• Energy engineers are needed for the oil & gas and renewable energy sectors.  

• The country is highly focussed on renewable energy especially in areas allied to energy-saving such as smart metres and automatic energy savers.

Client needs by location:

• In Southern Jutland – engineers in the structural, mechanical, electrical, production and IT disciplines.  

• On Funen - engineers who are specialists in the energy sector

• In Western Jutland – mechanical engineers

• In Eastern Jutland – structural, mechanical and IT engineers

• In Zealand and in Bornholm – engineers with electrical, structural, environmental and IT skills

Make very good money!

Danish clients are & lsquo;notorious’ for paying high rates.  Consequently, having connected with your client network and searched your candidate database, introduce your chosen clients to suitably-skilled candidates of any nationality. ItsInternational can facilitate all the required immigration processes and working structures whether your placements are local, EU or Non-EU.    

When pricing up your deal, presume each candidate will need to enjoy a minimum annual gross contract rate of DKK 802,500 (EUR 107,500 or GBP 78,200).  This will enable him or her to retain between 63% and 69% of their gross salary having paid all statutory costs and service fees – with no hidden extras!  If anyone is offering a better retention, there are likely to be undeclared funds in their calculations.

Be risk averse!

ItsInternational is now facilitating a wide choice of highly-efficient, operating structures which comply 100% with Danish labour and tax laws.  

Evidential documentation of work permits (for your non-EU placements) as well as tax registration and PAYE for all your placements can be supplied to you and your clients.

Because the Danish authorities are pressuring your clients to only use local, not overseas-based, payroll companies, ItsInternational has appointed a locally-based umbrella, duly certified by the Danish authorities, to sponsor your non-EU candidates as well as employ and payroll your non-EU, EU and Danish placements on fixed-term assignments in Denmark.  Our locally-regulated and locally-based accountants offer personal service company and self-employment services which will certainly appeal to your Danish candidates. 

Let’s work together!

Introduce ItsInternational to your candidates and we will help you convert them into profitable placements.

ItsInternational facilitates special immigration, tax management and payment services for interims and consultants on fixed term assignments in many countries across the world.  We offer solutions which address & lsquo;risk’ to protect you and your clients as well as a range of services to enable your valuable placements to achieve realistic, highly desirable income retentions from their assignments.  We look forward to hearing from you very soon.



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