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Survey reveals youre never too old for a career change

The survey of 1,000 UK adults found that the majority of people believe 51-60 is the age at which we are too old to pursue a new career. A fifth actually believe we are never too old to pursue a new career.

&hellipbut do employers have the same positive attitude towards older candidates looking to start out their career. The survey results indicated there’s a few ways that these & lsquo;career changers’ could be a valuable asset to a business.

Diversity in your team’s skill set

There is a whole wealth of knowledge and expertise to be taken advantage of!

Dedication to the job

According to the survey, the majority of people aged 45 and above prefer jobs with career progression to wage.


& lsquo;A change is as good as a rest’. These candidates are new to the industry and can bring with them a fresh perspective and enthusiasm for the job.

Someone who is looking for a career change might not always be the ideal candidate for your role. These results however, show that you don’t need to write someone off just because, they don’t meet the exact criteria in your job specification. Look at the individual and what they could bring to the company.

Age you classed as & lsquo;too old’ for a career change according to region

Too old at 61-70 years

&middot         Wales

Too old at 51-60 years

&middot         South East England

&middot         South West England

&middot         Central England

&middot         Scotland

&middot         Northern Ireland

Too old at 46-50 years

&middot         Republic of Ireland

Too old at 41-45 years

&middot         Northern England

This research was conducted by Ladbrokes Bingo and The Leadership Factor in order to find out what the UK’s perspective is on age in different life milestones.


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