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Synarbor's Dean Kelly digests today's election results

What a great result for the country and for the recruitment industry.

I am sure that many good hardworking people, business leaders, entrepreneurs, potential apprentices and our next generation of school leavers will be breathing a big sigh of relief this morning.  

Like most, I have had lots of conversations with many people around this elections outcome. I have always suggested that, I felt, there was a very real chance of a Conservative majority. Probably the rationale optimist in me believed that common sense would prevail and that Labour just had an unelectable leadership team with a very abrasive mandate for government. Plus I think as a sector we all found encouragement in the fact that so many business leaders signed up to back the Conservative Party’s business corporation tax letter.

I do believe that a majority conservative government will continue to deliver a stronger economy, a healthy jobs market, an increase in apprenticeships and a tax system that doesn't discourage business owners, entrepreneurs and hardworking people from having aspirations. 

Although even though a majority government, it isn't going to be easy going for Cameron and his team, deals will need to be done and done quickly, especially with get the SNP, commitments and cards will be traded. Once all this initial deal agreeing has been done, from around September when everyone's back from their summer holidays, I expect we will have a very interesting few months working out exactly what the most significant changes will be, especially as the 'feel good' factor of the win will have subsided and the scrutinising of every detail behind every commitments will have already started. 

I’m sure at the next RDLC round table meeting we will no doubt be debating which recruitment markets will see a positive change, will any see a negative effect, will we see any large spikes or dips, will those with European offices worry about a referendum. Of course there will be immediate improvements for those who had recently slipped or endured a hiatus on the possibility of a labour government, but what's the real long-term effect. 

I think the public sector market will be hard one to predict. Could we see further devolvement of Local Authority powers as well as the establishment of new regional management groups, will there be a heavy backlash from all or some of the Unions, or will they sit down and hammer out a working format, or will we see an increasing crossover between the Public and Private sectors, introducing new money, new opportunities and a new way of thinking into the schools, hospitals and authorities? 

Personally, on the whole I am very positive about the future of the recruitment sector under this government and so is pretty much every other business leader I speak too. 


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