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Synarbor's year end results show operating profit up 58%

Dean Kelly, CEO of Synarbor, commented, "When I look back at the history of Synarbor and the position it was in when I took control, the profit warnings, a &pound30m debt pile and the subsequent de-listing, all I can really say is that I am immensely proud of how the company pulled itself together, got about the job in hand and fought its way back. 

"At the end of 2011 we made a decision to focus solely on our core education skills, working in direct partnership with schools across the country. Since then we have consistently beat forecasts and grown year on year, but then to enter 2015 as a debt free company, makes the journey a whole lot sweeter. We are a people business with many fantastic people, where I get the pleasure of seeing ordinary people do extraordinary things everyday.


Our superb management team and their outstanding consultants have continued to perform and drive improvements in 2015. So far this year they have opened new offices in Chelmsford, Preston and Leeds, with several more planned for late this year and early 2016. It is great that our confidence is now coupled with momentum."


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