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1000+ open summer jobs to apply for via Selfiejobs

In comes Selfiejobs. An entire platform designed to help young job seekers express their desire to work. Instead of the traditional method of using a CV and cover letter for each job application, the cover letter is replaced with a 22 second video pitch where users talk about their experience, personal traits and eagerness to work. “We started SelfieJobs to let young people self express their job application in a way not seen before. A few bullets about your education and work history, your favourite picture from Instagram and a short video pitchis all you need to get started.” says Martin Tall, CEO and Founder of SelfieJobs. After saving your profile users are immediately shown job ads which they can apply for with just a & lsquo;Like’ or swipe right action on the screen made popular by Tinder. The result is a fast job application experience which enables youth to feel confident and presentable to employers.

“Companies in service industries love this & lsquo;interview first’ approach because they can see and screen the applicant and opt to chat with them instead of reading through a long detailed CV. This makes the job search simple and fun for both applicants and companies while illuminating millions of hidden talents.”

After the summer is over the student can continue to look for part-time work after school, on the weekends or save their Selfiejobs profile for next summer. The app is free for students and companies can post job ads for 10 days free with a competitively priced paid option to run the ad for 30 days.

Key Features:

- Pitch CV! Enables jobseekers to create a 22 second video pitch and a compressed CV all within 2 minutes or less. The content is bullet points of educational and professional background combined with stylish pictures and the short video.
-Promote me! Allows for quick sharing of your CV on social networks and direct

-Apply with a “Like”. Instantly apply to up to 30 jobs per day just with one swipe.

-Apply for jobs across UK, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands.

-Companies can create a cost effective job-ad that can be made in 2 minutes with instant access to applicants. 


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