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33 young CEOs for one Month on their Adecco Way to Work

Youth unemployment remains critically high, especially in Europe. But while almost one in two youngsters is without a job in countries like Spain and Greece, employers claim they cannot find enough skilled workers for their needs. Due to this paradoxical & lsquo;talent mismatch’, more than 8 million jobs are left vacant in the US and Europe each year. With the Adecco Way to Work programme, Adecco decided to take action, offering young people an opportunity to gain work experience and increase their employability.

The & lsquo;CEO for One Month’ initiative provides talented youngsters a highly valuable internship to boost their CVs and career prospects. The position also offers a rewarding salary to sustain the successful youngster’s further education and development. & lsquo;CEO for One Month’ was launched in Norway in 2011. In 2014 it became a global initiative offering one & lsquo;Global CEO for One Month’ position alongside Adecco Group CEO Patrick De Maeseneire. In 2015, the project is being extended to 34 talented youngsters in their country of residence, one of whom will again become & lsquo;Global CEO for One Month’. 33 have been announced. The selection of the 34th young CEO, the candidate from the USA, is ongoing and will be announced in July.

“Lack of work experience is one the main barriers for young people seeking to get on the job ladder. With the & lsquo;CEO for One Month’ programme we are proud to offer talented youngster a stepping stone into the world of work”, said Patrick De Maeseneire, CEO of Adecco Group until August, 31 2015. “Alongside our colleagues in the countries, the young CEOs will put into practice their knowledge, will be exposed to the business and involved in decision making. Only one of them will make it to the global & lsquo;CEO for One Month’ position, but for all it will be a unique life and professional experience’.

The talented youngsters have been selected by Adecco from more than 18,000 applicants. The young CEOs comprise men and women from as far afield as Italy, Australia, Mauritius, and Taiwan. They were chosen after a challenging selection process that started at the end of February. The selection, initiated via a digital App, involved assessing CVs and English language skills. National finalists underwent a complete assessment to test their customer focus, entrepreneurship, team spirit, passion and sense of responsibility - the Adecco’s core values.

Anyone interested in learning more about them and following their journey can go to

Based on their performance during the national internships, the top 10 finalists will be selected to take part in an additional 3 days assessment, under the evaluation of an Adecco jury comprising representatives of different functions and countries. Alain Dehaze, Adecco's designated group CEO, who will take up his new role on September 1st, will join the selection process. Together with the jury, he will assess the finalists during different challenges. The process will culminate in the recruitment of a "Global CEO for One Month" who will be coached by Alain Dehaze between September and October.

Beyond the & lsquo;CEO for One Month’, Adecco Way to Work aims to fight youth unemployment by providing & lsquo;readiness to work’ initiatives, educational material and work-based training opportunities, in 54 countries. Over 1,300 internships and apprenticeships have been provided since January 2015.


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