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New job website helps launch candidates into space

A healthy satellite industry and new space exploration mean ever more vacancies, with employers hungry for new talent. But sometimes it doesn't feel that way. Space is a small, close-knit industry where the doors are often open only to those who know the right people and are 'in the loop'. is the response: a recruitment site designed to help job seekers join the right circles through networking and building personal contacts.

"70% of jobs in our industry are hidden from most eyes," says Paul Koronka, a space engineer for the past ten years and founder of "Space has inadvertently evolved a closed shop that locks out newcomers and makes it difficult even for established people to advance our careers. And yet employers are crying out for new talent, skilled graduates and experienced professionals, not only in the traditional engineering fields but across many departments, from business and financial administration to the major new growth area of space law.

" is opening up the industry. We aren't the first site to list jobs but unlike other sites we don't stop there: our primary function is to provide communities where job seekers and employers can network, and where who you are is just as important as what degree you may have or what past jobs you can list."

Early in creating, Koronka recognised that employers in such a highly skilled and demanding industry needed to look beyond the simple resum&eacute in considering recruits.

Koronka continues: "Employers want to know about the whole person – the skills, aptitudes and interests that may not be in an initial job spec but are the attributes that help someone to stand out, and that will be an added bonus to an employer. Not just the things someone's good at but the things they enjoy. It's the sort of information that comes across when we all get to know each other through being members of a community, and it's the sort of information that becomes apparent in the communities of"

Job seekers using can register and build sophisticated personal profiles to help them in their networking and to enable employers to see the rounded person. Companies can also build profiles and interact with the community to find the best, most relevant talent available. Job seekers can 'follow' companies and recruiters to keep up to date with their needs and receive instant email notification of new positions.

Koronka concludes: "This is a very exciting time to be in space. There is a lot of investment going into the industry, the workforce across Europe is very fluid and there are so many new opportunities. keeps the community of employers, recruiters and job seekers in touch, so that everyone can take advantage of the new opportunities out there."


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