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New platform Sqore opens up life-changing opportunities

The skills assessment algorithm within Sqore calculates a candidate’s ranking based on their engagement, activity and performance, allowing them to showcase their ability regardless of whether these skills were gained at university, online, or self-taught. It is a significantly more efficient way of determining which candidate is the most deserving of a life-changing opportunity, meaning that skill and ability take priority over academic background and nepotistic reputation.

With an expanding distribution network of over 15 million young professionals and students in more than 190 countries, Sqore bridges the skills gap by connecting talent with opportunities that might otherwise be out of reach due to their academic background. It does so by providing companies, universities and organisations with an invaluable platform in which online challenges and competitions that test relevant, applicable skills can be created. It aims to become the tool of choice for employers that want to reach the best available global talent.

Prior to the full launch, Sqore has already connected thousands of people with life-changing jobs, internships and scholarships. Notable examples include:

&middot         An Indonesian mother who devised an innovative way to improve water sanitation in her village won a scholarship to a leading European university, along with the resources to implement her ideas

&middot         An Indian woman won a scholarship to a top European university where she could pursue her life-long dream of working in aeronautics

&middot         The New School in New York holds an annual global creative competition for bursaries and scholarships. Avon Haughton, the competition winner in 2014, said, & lsquo;Winning the competition has been one of my greatest achievements thus far and participating was the most fun I've had in a while. I'm very grateful for the opportunity and can't wait to go to The New School!"

&middot         Job opportunities created for graduates at Schneider Electric via a green energy competition. The winners, Lee Man Ki and Jin Deng Keith Chan of Hong Kong, described the competition as & lsquo;a once in a lifetime experience, which has taken us from developing the idea within a team to improving it with our mentor and to presenting it to the judges at Schneider Electric.’

Sqore, which has over 400,000 members and more than 2,000 university partners lined up to promote the platform, counts Dell, IKEA, The American Society of Civil Engineers, ABB, The Economist Group, and The University of Denver as some of its notable clients. In March 2015 it received $3.5m from Northzone, one of the early backers of Spotify. The funding allowed Sqore to focus on product development and invest in a dedicated sales unit, further consolidating its position as an international leader in the online recruitment space.

Niklas Jungeg&aringrd, CEO of Sqore comments, “The underlying concept behind Sqore, and one we all feel incredibly passionate about, is making genuinely life changing opportunities, whether it be a job or a university place, available to absolutely everyone, regardless of their background. It is obvious from the work that we have already done that there is an unbelievable amount of untapped potential out there that, without the Sqore platform, organisations and universities simply don’t have access to. Our aim is to reward these talented individuals with the opportunities that they deserve, and in turn help organisations attract in the very best talent that’s out there.”

About Sqore:

Sqore was established in 2010 as Student Competitions, and has its HQ in Stockholm, Sweden. Sqore specialises in recruitment competitions for talented young people, and manages the world’s largest community for students who compete - Notable clients include Credit Suisse, IBM, Autodesk and The New School.


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