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Over 60% say environmental credentials are a factor in job choice

67% of people say an employer’s environmental credentials are important in job choice and 51% of those asked say their employer could do more to encourage more recycling in the office.

Half of those surveyed want clearer instructions on what they can and can’t recycle in the office, with 49% wanting their employers to improve recycling facilities. 

With more than 70% of people taking action at home to recycle more, the call for workplaces to keep pace with public sentiment is increasingly important. If employers aren’t working to improve recycling facilities, reduce waste and cut their carbon, they could be missing out on bringing new talent into their businesses, with 67% of those surveyed saying environmental responsibility is a factor in choosing where to work.

Employers could also be doing more to make it easier to recycle and reduce waste in the office. While almost half of those asked say their employers provide recycling facilities, 50% want to see clearer instructions on what they can and can’t recycle.

Stephen Uden, head of citizenship at Nationwide, said, “The research shows how fundamental your environmental credentials are in a modern workplace. At home, recycling is almost second nature and now employees expect to be able to reduce, reuse and recycle in the office too. As a result, not keeping up with the times could be become a real recruitment barrier.”

As part of Nationwide’s Living on Your Side strategy, the society has worked to address and reduce its environmental footprint. Against a 2011 baseline, the organisation has:

•             Cut energy consumption by 2 million kWh – enough to power 650 homes

•             Reduced carbon emissions by 11%

•             Reduced water consumption by 25%

•             Diverted 100% of waste from landfill

In March, Nationwide also planted its first woodland in Wiltshire and has pledged to plant one tree for every current and future employee – more than 17,000 in total – to provide lasting green spaces for local communities.

Uden continues, “We’ve long recognised that reducing our impact on the environment is the mark of a responsible business and in 2014 we became the first major high street financial services provider to be awarded the Carbon Trust Triple Standard. We also believe that engaging our employees in what we can do to improve our facilities is important, and ahead of World Environment Day, we’ve been exploring what we can be do make it easier to recycle more and waste less.

“From introducing new recycling signage to giving away free water-saving showerheads to our employees, we’re working to embed responsibility into the organisation and make sure we’re able to provide a lasting benefit to society.”

Quantitative Research was conducted by Atomik Research on a sample of 1,004 men and women aged 18 to 65, living in UK using their panel Power of Opinions. Fieldwork was undertaken between 29.5.15 and 2.6.15. The research was carried out via an online survey.


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