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Over a million people suffer work-related injuries

According to data released by First4Lawyers, Scotland is a hot spot for accidents at work, with three of the region’s major cities being listed in the top 10. But despite being the region with the most claims, Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh, still only saw 30 in every 100,000 people actually making an accident-at-work claim last year.

The UK has seen a 7% increase in accident-at-work settlements in 2014 and a 16% increases on registered enquiries, showing that common workplace accidents such as slips, trips, falls, faulty equipment and unsafe working conditions are on the rise. However, this increase in claims is only fraction of the 1.3m people that actually suffer a work related accident or illness. So, is Britain’s & lsquo;claim culture’ just a fabrication from UK insurance companies?

Andy Cullwick, head of marketing at First4Lawyers, says, “Health and safety executive statistics shows that nearly 1.3m people suffered a work-related illness, injury or death in 2013/14, leading to a loss of 28.2 million working days.

“However, only a fraction of these people go on to make a claim, disproving the notion that the UK is in the grip of a claims epidemic. While the volume of injuries has fallen dramatically since the inception of the HSE in 1974, the reality is that the number of people still suffering workplace accidents is still too high and often the only way to make firms take action to improve safety is to seek justice through the legal system.”

The First4Lawyers Claims Map allows users to navigate around the UK and see that they are not alone in experiencing accidents at work, as well as demonstrating that help is available to access the justice they could be entitled to.


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