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UKs sexiest professions revealed

While the top three spots of armed forces, pilots and nurses confirm that Brits love a uniform, humble British builders have secured their place within the top 10 - ahead of trendy graphic designers and well-heeled bankers and CEOs.

The research, commissioned by the Federation of Master Builders(FMB), looked at jobs, professions and careers that are attractive, admired and respected by the nation. It reveals that modern & lsquo;hipster’ jobs, such as graphic designers and app developers, fail to get British pulses racing compared to the less obvious choice of the British builder.

The sexiest professions have been crowned:

Armed forces



Flight attendant

Emergency services


Professional athlete


Radio / TV presenter





Designer / Graphic designer

Business founder / CEO




App developer / coder


Traditional commerce-led jobs, associated with high salaries and suits, also don’t have the same pulling-power when it comes to the industry’s sex appeal.

TV builder and FMB member Chris Payne, (ITV’s Bad Builders Bang to Rights), said, “There’s a traditional appeal in physically active, handy and hardworking professions. Builders may stand out in this list against some of the more glamorous or trendy professions, but actually fit in well with the kind of people you want around to help you when you need them - such as teachers and nurses. For hardworking Brits, that carries a bit of sex appeal.”

The research also revealed insights into the nation’s office-bugbears and what Brits really want from their day to day working careers:

-       22% would like more freedom and control of their time (e.g. flexible hours)

-       17% would like to escape office politics

-       20% would like to spend more time outdoors

-       13% would like to be more physically active

-       13% would like to avoid being stuck at a desk all day

-       23% have considered changing careers or retraining in the last 12 months

Around the UK:

-       One in four Glasgow residents would most like to be their own boss (24%)

-       Three out of ten Brighton workers would like to spend more time outdoors (30%)

-       One in five Liverpool residents would like to be more physically active (20%)

Payne added, “These insights suggest that while many people may find themselves in an office based job, they often feel frustrated with their day to day routine whether it’s being chained to a desk all day or staring at spreadsheets. This could be part of the reason why we feel such warmth towards careers with a bit of freedom, variety and being your own boss.”

The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) is the UK’s largest trade association in the construction industry. The FMB vets builders and independently inspects the workof all new members before they are allowed to join. FMB members’ provide contracts and can offer warranties on their work. 


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