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CareerBuilder joins forces with Textkernel

The acquisition further supports CareerBuilder’s evolution into an HR software as a service provider and enables Textkernel to accelerate its global growth.

Based in Amsterdam, Textkernel is leading innovation in the field of AI, machine learning and natural language processing in the HR domain. At the core of what Textkernel does is semantic search, which studies the intent and contextual meaning behind words. Employers and job seekers often use different words or phrases to describe the same thing when they type in a search box, write job descriptions or build their CVs. Textkernel’s advanced technology takes into account language patterns to pinpoint what the user really means in order to provide the best search results.

Textkernel provides semantic search and matching technology to automatically suggest the most relevant profiles in a client’s CV database based on a job description. It also offers highly accurate multi-lingual CV parsing. Combined with Textkernel’s candidate routing workflow, it can convert any CV or social media profile into a complete and searchable database record in any system. Textkernel’s HR modules are customisable, and can be integrated as building blocks into any process, platform (such as CareerBuilder’s pre-hire platform) or HR system.

In addition, Jobfeed, Textkernel’s Big Data analytics tool for jobs, will help accelerate the global expansion of CareerBuilder’s Supply & Demand portal, which gauges the anticipated difficulty of filling a position in a particular market by measuring the number of job openings for that occupation against the amount of available talent.

“Textkernel is closing the communications divide between recruiters and candidates by helping them speak the same language on the back end,” said Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder and co-author of The Talent Equation. “We’re excited to leverage their technology to enhance our semantic search and data analytics globally, and provide a greater ROI for our clients’ most valuable and under-used asset: their internal candidate database. We can facilitate faster, easier and more successful connections between employers and job seekers.”

“We understand unstructured text data better than anyone else and use this knowledge to help our clients and software partners increase productivity with a better search and matching experience,” said Jakub Zavrel, Founder and CEO of Textkernel. “With an industry leader like CareerBuilder, who has a presence in more than 60 markets, we can quickly scale up our business and bring that knowledge to companies around the world, while remaining an independent brand and company within the group.”


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