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Contractors reject Greece despite bailout

CXC Global believes that regardless of the fact that Greece will – for the time being – remain in the Eurozone, contractors will be seeking other assignments in more lucrative destinations. Consequently, staffing companies which have been negatively affected by the unstable situation should be looking at the high growth markets Europe has to offer where there is demand for contractors.

Charles Daw, CXC Global’s director of sales, commented, “Although the Greece bailout deal has been agreed on, the days of contractors viewing the nation as an attraction work destination are a thing of the past. The current situation is incredibly tense and the high taxation and social security levels - combined with the fact that it’s simply not a particularly attractive place to work or live at the moment - means that professionals will look to work in locations which are not only more stable, but also more lucrative.

“This obviously isn’t ideal for agencies that place professionals in Greece. However there are a number of other high-growth markets in the region, particularly countries like Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania where we’ve seen considerable demand for specialists in recent years. It’s difficult to predict what will happen next in the ongoing Eurozone saga but it’s very likely that number of contractors operating in Greece will remain low for the foreseeable future.”


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