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Privacy and the Cloud no borders so parameters must be set

“During ITCRA’s activities in Privacy Week, questions on this topic were predominant and although the cloud has become the default solution to all our data storage problems, it seems many companies are not sure what that means from a risk management perspective. Companies from across a range of disciplines and of varying sizes raised questions with respect to policies and procedures and two core factors have emerged,” Mills noted.

“The decisions companies should make in relation to the movement, and then storage of data in the cloud and the transfer of information when stored requires policy and procedure reviews across many levels of the business. ITCRA has commissioned SEC Consulting to review both local and global examples to assist companies understand the management leadership required” Mills added.

“We all know that the cloud is often marketed as an efficient and cheap solution that will replace the client-server paradigm. The paradigm shift results in the loss of control over data as well as a strong dependence on the cloud computing provider” Dianne Gibert commented.

“Certex Consulting audits have already identified legal and security considerations related to infrastructure, identity management, access control, regulatory and legislative compliance across multiple jurisdictions (as the cloud is borderless), auditing, data currency and integrity controls” Gibert added.

Mills concluded, “I am pleased there will be an opportunity to outline a range of scenarios identified during quality and privacy audits that recruiters and their clients need to be aware of to ensure their engagement with the cloud is compliant and the risks managed effectively.”

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Date: Tuesday 21st July 2015 – 2.00PM AEST

Australian Price: Members $55.00 AUD inc. GST and Non-Member $88.00 AUD inc. GST

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