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Solution to the mummy track is launched

However, despite the overall increase, a recent study by IPPR argues that the UK economy has a particular problem with a lack of highly qualified part-time job opportunities, meaning that many talented mothers are excluded from work or left on a “mummy track”, working part-time in jobs that are well below their skill level. The result is a loss of talent both for employers and the economy. has been launched to put an end to this problem, providing an online members’ community that helps the many employers and entrepreneurs who are proactively looking for new pools of talent to find and connect with professional, experienced and highly capable mothers who are looking for part-time or flexible work. Over 3000 mothers and over 100 employers have already registered, including Lloyds Banking Group, Sweaty Betty and Elizabeth Arden.

Juliet Turnbull, founder and CEO of said, “In my previous career as a business coach, I worked with many companies who needed highly qualified part-time talent but didn’t know where to find it. And as a mother I found myself talking to other mothers looking for more stimulating part-time/flexible work. provides a solution connecting employers specifically with this hidden pool of talented mothers.”

In addition to connecting highly qualified and capable women with employers,, unlike conventional jobs boards, provides a platform for this professional community to support, get to know and advise each other. Through its unique software and interactive dashboard, mothers can connect as trouble-shooters, job shares or mentors use practical tools to get a realistic assessment of their salary requirements and through their dedicated Member and Client Support Team rely on high-quality customer care and service.

Experts in personal and professional development are also active in the community, offering training and advice in a wide range of areas - from building an online presence to professional coaching. Mothers can rate these services, thereby forming a directory of trusted and credible professionals, which will act as a guide not only for other mothers but also employers looking to invest in training for their workforce.

Finally, through surveys and polls, will use its targeted network to gather data that will promote the issues that are of importance to its members and to help companies take the pulse of this highly influential audience.

Tamara Hill-Norton, Founder of Sweaty Betty, said, “At Sweaty Betty, we pride ourselves on being a flexible employer. I work part-time myself. I believe strongly that we should all have the choice to work around our lifestyles and our families. It is empowering for the team and builds trust in a company to share responsibilities. This website is very valuable both for mothers looking for fulfilling part-time work and for employers who value skills over and above & lsquo;office presenteeism’.”


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