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A survey of 1,000 UK workers by leading call answering service alldayPA, reveals one in four still communicate with the office while abroad, 19% take work calls, and 25% check and answer emails, 8% even pack laptops and plan to finish off work whilst away.

Despite higher charges for calls and data abroad, 76% of holiday workers plan to use hotel wifi for unlimited access to emails and work files. 86% of holiday workers use smartphones making them the most likely to work whilst on holiday.

Reuben Singh, chief executive officer at alldayPA, said, “The devices we rely on at home to keep us connected no longer stop connecting us just because we leave the country.

“Work-related worries follow us on holiday, making it hard to unwind and take a much needed break from our day-to-day lives.”

Holiday workers admit putting in early shifts or late nights to avoid work encroaching on their holiday during the daytime and to avoid arguments. 23% say their children or partner regularly complain about them working while & lsquo;off-duty.’

Time differences also present no barrier to determined holiday workers, with some admitting to working as far away as Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia.

Reuben Singh says people are beginning to recognise this problem and use services to ensure they take a Digital Detox when on holiday.

“A Digital Detox does exactly what the name implies,” says Singh. “It breaks the cycle of dependency, allowing even the busiest person to leave the mobile behind and focus on their holiday enjoying a restful, communication-free break without worrying about missing calls or messages.

“Employers are also beginning to look into such services, recognising workers need to take a genuine break and return to work fully recharged.  Detox tools are a way to send a message that staff are not expected to take work with them and it’s ok to switch off and relax.”

“We can no longer allow ourselves to be victims of technology and smartphones. It’s time to appreciate the flexibility technology and smartphones provide in day-to-day business and realise that to maintain human business interactions 24/7, doesn’t mean sacrificing 24/7 of our personal lives to do it.”


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