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The Search Party expands to Canada

With 45% of Canadians stating they’re willing to move for the right job, this expansion provides employers one answer to the continued skills shortage in the UK. 

“The ability to discover new talent in untapped locations will become increasingly important as UK business continue to compete for talent,” said Ben Hutt, CEO of The Search Party. “We know that Canada has highly motivated and skilled professionals. We are looking forward to connecting them, alongside folks from UK, Australia and 20 other countries, with UK businesses through The Search Party’s recruitment marketplace.” 

Businesses across the UK are having an increasingly difficult time finding and recruiting talent. Forty-six percent report compromising on the quality of candidates they select because the process of finding the right talent takes too long. This results in over half of new hires not being able to meet their original job specifications within 2 years. When it costs approximately &pound30,000 to replace someone, this is having a big impact on companies' bottom lines. 

“Sifting through hundreds of CVs in search of quality candidates was a painfully slow and laborious process,” said Rob Hatcher, Director of Creative Stream, a London-based marketing agency and a customer of The Search Party. “We like to be smart in the way we use technology, and with the help of The Search Party’s hiring platform it’s much easier and quicker to find the talent we need.”

By offering companies access to candidates that have been personally vetted by professional recruiters, The Search Party is able to reduce the time it takes to hire a new employee to 10 days, down from the industry average of 60 days. This means businesses quickly get an honest assessment of a potential new hire’s qualifications and cultural fit. 

Employers use The Search Party’s candidate search engine to find and shortlist the best-matched candidates. Then they negotiate terms with recruiters and arrange interviews with candidates, all through With a marketplace that supports the interests of employers, recruiters and candidates alike, The Search Party is revolutionizing the hiring process, making it affordable for employers, profitable for recruiters and easier for candidates around the world to be identified for career opportunities.

The Search Party is an online recruitment marketplace that aims to help businesses find talent faster, easier, and at a lower cost. It has an online pool of over 15m agency-represented and validated candidate profiles. The company was founded in Sydney with offices in London and Toronto. 


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