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Home Office and SAFERjobs work together to protect the industry

SAFERjobs, who currently get 70,000 job seekers a month to the SAFERjobs site and see over &pound80K of fraud reported, launched the campaign 'Recruiters Against Illegal Labour' ( recently which is designed to:

- Provide a link enabling recruiters to report workers without the right to work in the UK who are attempting to register with recruitment companies 

- Show the industry's commitment to being part of the solution to the wider issue

- Help promote the importance of right to work checks and where recruiters can get additional support and help.

In recent months SAFERjobs have also announced partnerships with the Citizen's Advice Bureau, who now advise any customers reporting a recruitment issue to contact SAFERjobs, as well as the FCSA. As well as appearing on over 15 large UK job boards SAFERjobs now also have GOV UK status: demonstrating their ongoing partnership with government. 

SAFERjobs will also be speaking at the forthcoming Recruitment Expo with the Metropolitan Police.

Keith Rosser, chair of SAFERjobs, said, “the recruitment sector already have very good systems in place to protect themselves, which is vitally important because as an industry recruiters are often targeted by workers who do not have valid right to work, so this campaign is about improving the reputation of the industry and providing a united front in being part of the solution to the wider UK problem."


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