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Jobshop UK: make the recruitment process a positive experience in a candidate short market

84% of UK CEO’s cite skills shortage as a major concern for their company, and research from the YouGov Survey shows that one in five candidates expect to leave their current employment in the next twelve months. 

Jobshop UK director, Tracey Wood, explained, “Realistically, a company with fifty employees could be looking to recruit ten employees to replace those lost, on top of the additional employees they might want to be hiring in-line with company growth. Businesses are spending more on employer branding and talent attraction, but, current data shows the candidate experience is getting worse, with a startling discrepancy between what employers and employees think the solution should be.”

The YouGov report highlighted the top three priorities that were most important to candidates during the recruitment process: To provide feedback to unsuccessful candidates to provide more feedback throughout the whole recruitment process to reduce average time between interview and decision making.

Jobshop UK director, Frances Miles, said, “As experienced recruiters, Jobshop UK understand that feedback from its clients is absolutely vital in order to better help the candidate in future interview situations.  Jobshop consultants are adept at gaining more pertinent information from its clients to feed back to candidates especially if they were unsuccessful in order to assist them on their journey and leave them with a good feeling about the client and their company, so that if another opportunity arises in the future, that positive impression will lead them wanting to apply for a post at that company again.

 “With the average time it takes a candidate to lose interest in a prospective position being just seven days, reducing the feedback and decision making waiting time keeps a candidate engaged. As the market becomes tighter, more and more opportunities will present themselves to candidates during this waiting period, leading some to pursue other avenues in the meantime which may cause the client to lose their first choice, high calibre employee.

“An experienced recruiter, with a number of years’ experience should be able to understand and promote a company’s brand, vision and vacancy, and it is the recruiter’s job to sell all of this to a candidate and guide them through the process, keeping them in the loop all the way through.”


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