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Nicoll Curtain releases whitepaper on global diversity

The whitepaper explains the importance of creating an LGBT inclusive workplace and addresses the attitudes to different sexualities in societies around the world.

The aim of the paper is to advise on the challenges faced by LGBT employees when relocating to a different country and what employers can do to make that transition easier.

There is also focus on what can be done to ensure that employees who do not relocate due to fears surrounding the attitudes to the LGBT community are offered the opportunities to advance their career in a safer environment.

Ashleigh Clowes, co-head of diversity at Nicoll Cutrain said, "As globalisation continues to intensify, the number of positions which require relocation to another country has steadily risen, and it will continue to rise as a result of global workforce trends.

It is vitally important for organisations’ success that they can put the most talented people, regardless of sexuality, wherever they need them most in the world. Therefore international experience is becoming an important requisite for leadership roles and it is vital that LGBT staff are offered these development opportunities."

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