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UK tech professionals considering international jobs

For UK-based professionals, the United States, Australia and Canada top the list in terms of being the most attractive places to move for new career opportunities, followed by France, Germany, New Zealand and Spain. Interest in relocating, though, isn’t limited to just those areas. The United Arab Emirates, India, Italy, the Netherlands, Scandinavia and Saudi Arabia also generated healthy interest from UK-based professionals.

Surprisingly, the primary reason for considering an international career move is not financial. 41% of UK-based professionals surveyed cited lifestyle-related factors, or a better work/life balance, as the primary reason for contemplating a move abroad.

It is not just overseas positions, though, that spark an interest for British-based tech professionals they are also interested in making career moves within the UK Over two thirds (69%) of UK-based professionals surveyed indicated they are just as open to moving within Britain if the right opportunity came along.

According to the Dice survey, the main reason for considering a domestic relocation appears to differ by region. For professionals offered positions in London, for instance, increased earnings serves as the central motivator for moving whereas, for those offered opportunities in the South West, lifestyle-related factors are the primary reason for considering a move. Similarly, quality-of-life, career advancement and family considerations all ranked ahead of increased earnings for those respondents considering a move to Scotland.

Jamie Bowler, Dice’s marketing director in the UK and Continental Europe, commented, “Tech professionals fully recognise the highly transferable nature of their skills. As a result, tech professionals are often more open than other professionals to the concept of moving - whether to improve their career or their lifestyle. This dynamic, in turn, places greater pressure on employers to ensure they have the right culture and working environment in which tech professionals will thrive. Those businesses that have an international footprint should also actively facilitate mobility within the organization in order to both attract and retain strong tech talent.”

Of those open to an international move – approximately a quarter (23%) of respondents indicated they are actively looking to make such a move reality, with a similar percentage of UK-based professionals surveyed (24%) already on the lookout for new positions within the UK.

About the Survey

The Dice UK Mobility Survey was conducted from July 6th to July 13th, 2015. Of the 553 UK-based technology professionals who responded to the survey, 31% currently work in London, 21% work in the South East, 13% work in the Midlands, 10% work in the North West, 9% work in the South West, 6% work in the North East, 6% work in Scotland, 2% percent work in Northern Ireland and 2% work in Wales.


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