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Contractor Management feature have your say

It is absolutely free to have your say.

Each time we run Q&A features we give you specific questions to answer and these form the basis of the article. This time we are giving you free reign over your comment. We would like to know from you what are the burning issues are which are currently affecting contractors and what predictions you have for the next 12 months. Below are a few questions if you would like to use them but please feel free to talk as freely as possible.

1) What are the latest developments in contractor management?
2) How much of an impact are compliance issues having?
3) What are the key tips to ensuring compliance?
5) Should contractor management organisations be subject to government legislation?
4) What to be aware of when operating a travel and subsistence scheme?
5) How do you see contractor management evolving over the next 12 months?

Submissions should be 200 words and the deadline for submissions is Tuesday the 15th of September.

All submissions should be emailed to Teri Etherington, UK Country Manager:

There are plenty of opportunities to make your organisation really stand out by taking space for an advert or advertorial. Please contact Teri by email or on 01483 740 874 for more information.


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