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Contractors: Dont end up in the same boat as David de Gea

The Spanish goalkeeper’s transfer is believed to have been held up by a combination of outdated technology and administrative oversight which has frustrated both Real Madrid and Manchester United. CXC warns professionals that if an administrative slip up can halt a multi-million pound football transfer, it can easily prevent contractors from working overseas.  

Michelle Reilly, managing director of CXC Global, commented, “The De Gea transfer saga simply highlights the importance of getting your administrative affairs in order. If both clubs – and De Gea - had done so it’s highly likely that he would be a Real Madrid player now. Contractors should take note, managing the process of registering to work in a foreign country and ensuring you’re compliant with often complex domestic legislation can be a challenging process. And if an administrative oversight can prevent a major transfer from taking place, it will also be able to prevent you from working overseas.”

“We’d urge contractors to take their projects seriously and ensure they’re fully compliant with the legislation of the country they’re operating in well in advance of their start date. After all, there’s nothing worse than preparing to travel to the other side of the world only to find out that the contract has been cancelled for a trivial administrative error. Utilise firms that specialise in this area, including us, and you won’t end up in the same mess that De Gea has found himself in.”


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