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de Poel MD responds to NHS fraud report findings

“(The) report highlights that fraud from payroll and procurement of goods and services could be costing the NHS in England as much as &pound2.76 billion and only goes to demonstrate the continued need to take a robust approach to visibility and control within the payroll and supply chain.

“This is compounded in the current climate and the challenge for any NHS provider is to balance safer staffing and slimmer budgets with workforce supply and demand. Financial pressures on the NHS are immense at the moment, so this sort of & lsquo;leakage’ of funds is bound to have an impact on front-line services.

“It should be mandatory that agencies, particularly those supplying professionals to our public sector, are rigorously audited in order to ensure all is as it should be in terms of compliance and financial propriety, in order to minimise fraud.

“At de Poel healthcare, we protect our NHS clients by doing exactly that, ensuring that all those involved in the provision and management of temporary, contract and interim workers are fully cognisant and diligent in the application of these governing principles.

“Our e-tips system gives all-round visibility and gives clients the ability to track workers’ hours and payroll details to ensure tighter financial controls around payroll and has already delivered bottom line savings of tens of millions of pounds for our clients.”  



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